I feel like my life is a block molded out of wet sand. I picture me holding this block out in the fiery hot sun and as it blazes down it dries the sand and starts slipping through my fingers, like an hourglass clock. time is running away from me.

Time is merely just an illusion a man made figment of imagination but why is it that it seems to control so much of our lives if this is the case ? I choose not to pay a whole lot of attention to time, simply because i think it creates a reason for worry, anxiety and panic. The only time we should worry about is are we spending time with friends?, are we spending time with family?, and are we spending time with ourselves? self growth is very important and if you dont spend time with yourself to take care, love and nurture your body and mind, then you will be wasting all your time with everyone else. We need to learn who we are and what we want before we go out in the world and try to find things and create unpromising relationships.Are we spending time wisely. Unfortunately time does exist in a sense that we are here one day and could be gone the next, that is exactly why i preach that we don't pay a whole lot of attention to the numbers on the clock , what day of week it is , how many days are left in the month or how many hours of sunlight is left in the day and this is because life is meant to be enjoyed here and now at this second, on this day....right at this time.

So dont worry too much about time worry about the quality of your LIFE and dont waste a life worth living .