Have you ever have different kinds of weird thoughts in different kind of places?

OK well, let me help you by giving you some examples...

  • When you're at work and your thoughts are like "ok what should I lie about today so that I can go home early".
  • When you're in the toilet and the sound of water makes you think of the sound of the ocean. ( being there can make you think of a lot of things ).
  • While you are watching a movie or a tv show, you might wanna be a character hoping to change some events. you could kill someone, warn someone that something bad is about to happen or even love someone.
  • When you're basically doing nothing, you might think of someone's existence.
  • When you're in taking the shower and you're winning fake arguments with someone.

There are certainly more weird thoughts that we will face every day. But, that's all what I have for now.