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Hi guys! Welcome on my weekly wednesday post! My favorite place to be is the sea side. When I'm there it feels like I'm in a hole different country. Click on the read more button to discover!

Heading to the sea side. One of my favorite places to be. I love the atmosphere, the smell of the sea, the stores, the fashion, the food, the mood, I feel like a total different person.

I went for 1 day. Well exually 1 day and half. We arrived in the evening and stayed a night in a lovely hotel. They had an amazing breakfast and such a lovely and cozy room.

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Our favorite sea side is Knokke. I came here since I was a little girl and I loved it every time when we came here. We still go every year a time but never with a stay. When we are here I love the shops and every time when I'm here I feel like I'm not in my own country. It feels so nice to be away from all the stress for a day.

When I'm home I miss the freedom of walking on the boulavard and watching and smelling the sea. I miss the different options you can do. There are a lot of shopping opportunities, restaurants, stores and so much more!

When I'm here I feel like I can do everything. I feel motivated, relaxed and happy.

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I have a favorite spot in Knokke and it's called Nemrod. It has always been my go to place. In the winter time they have the most wonderful hot chocolate and I love hot chocolate so much! Everytime we go we come here for a lovely dinner.

Do what you love, love what you do.
Love who you are, love yourself.
Make yourself the person you want to be.
Work on the you you want to become.
Improve yourself everyday.
- Julie M


What is your favorite sea side?


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