I'm back with yet another article. Today I thought I'd share my thoughts on some cute & easy fall makeup & nail looks, because fall, in my mind, calls for deeper colours!

1. orange(ish) eyeshadow

don't be freaked if you haven't tried it. it's actually a versatile look that works on all eye colors, and, you know, what's a better fall look than the shade of fallen leaves!

makeup, eyes, and beauty image makeup, eyebrows, and eyeshadow image

2. berry lips

this is a recurring trend every fall. why? because it looks so! good!

berry, fall, and chic image mac, lipstick, and makeup image makeup, lipstick, and mac image berry, dark, and lips image

3. earthy tones

this trend is fun because you can play it safe or go all out!

makeup, eyes, and make up image Image by shy_scarlett brown, eyeshadow, and gold image makeup, eyebrows, and eye image

4. black eyeliner

for me, fall means digging out my trusty black eyeliner. this fall, I'm especially into the classic cat eye.

Image by moonflowerxxx eye, eyes, and tumblr image

5. statement nails

let's face it - you'll be snapchatting pictures of your hot beverages, so why not make sure your nails look fabulous while you're at it!

nails, nail polish, and beauty image accessories, autumn, and fashion image nails image autumn, hand, and nails image

that's all for today. will you be trying out these looks? hope you liked this article!

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