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Fourth day of the challenge is here and before I start to write, I need to tell you how stunned I am with the feedback I received on my previous post. Just... Wow...

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Make A List Of Things You can't live without

1. My friends and family

So, this one is kinda obvious, but I think that it shouldn't be left out, even though this article is about things, not people. My family is my biggest support and motivation, as I mentioned in my previous articles. Life without them seems really, really weird. I can't even imagine it.

Can anyone? Of course, there comes a time when we lose our loved ones. I've lost someone too. It's a part of life and sometimes it happens sooner or later and we can't do much about it, but even though we all know this and are pretty aware of it, we still can't fully grasp and accept it. You're never really ready for this things. And life doesn't ask for your opinion.

2. Music

Alright, enough of the depressing stuff. What would our lives look like without music? Empty, too silent, sad and tragic. Music moves us, causes a good energy and sometimes the music is the only thing that we need. A melody and the lyrics that will express our feelings and thoughts instead of us.

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See, even Stitch likes it :D Lol, he's adorable

3. Coffee

Ah, the taste of caffeine in early mornings when I just wanna die so I can rest... Coffee helps, coffee understands, coffee doesn't ask questions.. Sometimes, people tell me that I'm addicted to it. But hey, I don't drink, I don't use drugs, I don't smoke... Let me have my coffee!

Drama queen..

Anywaaaaays, there's nothing better than drinking black coffee in early morning or on a rainy day while you're reading a good book or writing something...

Image by s.

4. Electricity

Okay, just imagine that you can't recharge your phone, turn on the light to go to bathroom or read at night. Imagine that you can't watch TV or that you don't have a stove to prepare some food. We'd freeze to death, too. So, thank God and Nikola Tesla! Lol

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5. My phone

It's sad, but I feel so lost without my phone. When I'm moving around in the big city and I'm supposed to be somewhere, I need my phone to check time, to make sure that I'm not late, to call a cab or wait for a bus. Then there's calendar and reminder, alarm, basically all those things are replaced with a phone. It's not really our fault that we're so attached to it.

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6. Books

I need those things, alright. They make me focus on something that doesn't have anything to do with me or my problems. Whether it's an e-book or printed, I don't care, if it's good, I'll read it! Those things keep me on a positive track and always cheer me up.

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Now, this is what I call paradise

7. Hair bands

This might seem stupid, but I don't go anywhere without one of these. I just can't stand my hair sometimes. It's not that long, but it's not short either and when I train, it makes me all sweaty and I just feel gross. Or at summer, when the temperatures are high, I feel like a melting mess. So, when my hair is tied and out of my face, I can cool down and stop being whiny and cranky. I don't think you'd like that version of me. O:)

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my hair. I love to let it flow down my shoulders and when I dance, I like to flip it a little. x) But sometimes it can be overwhelming. I know that probably most of you can relate to it.

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Thank you soo much for reading and hearting this and my previous articles! I appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed this one as well!

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