1. Up
This was the second animated movie (of course after Lion King) that made me cry like the baby I am.

up, balloons, and house image

2. Finding Nemo
This was the first movie I went to watch at the cinema. I wouldn't stop singing "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" for weeks. My parents got so much fed up with me.

disney, finding nemo, and nemo image

3. Monster, Inc.
When I was little I dreamed to have a closet door like the ones the kids had in the movie, a kitty like Sulley and a babysitter like Mike.

monsters inc, disney, and monster image

4. The Incredibles
This movie is like the Fantastic Four family but in the Pixar Universe.

disney, The Incredibles, and pixar image

5. Toy Story
The movie that started it all. Thanks to Toy Story for making talking to toys less awkward.

toy story, disney, and woody image