Today is the fifth day of the 15 days writing challenge and honestly, I am a bit afraid of today´s topic, because english isn´t my native language, so writing a story... but I will do my best! So take your favourite blanket and read...
Hope you enjoy :D

Day 5

Write a short story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She loved singing and every day, she went to one beautiful old street with lots of trees and flowers and she sang there for the people around her and for herself, too.

This girl was a bit poor, so she couldn´t buy herself many things, but singing always made her happy. She even sang her own songs! When she was sad, she sang about the thing that made her feel that way. And when she was happy, she tried to share her happiness with others.

One rainy day, she went again to the street and started singing about rain. She loved it, because there was something so calming about it. While she was singing, she heard some noise behind her. She stopped and turned around. There was a little white cat with a black nose. The cat was very skinny and tiny, just a kitten and it looked at the girl with big black eyes. The girl took the kitten home with her and gave it some milk.

Since then, the girl always took the cat with her when she went singing and every time, the cat just listened and purred.

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Thank you for reading my article! I hope you enjoyed it and relaxed your mind and body for a second :)


PS: Today´s song is:

Taeyang - Wake Me Up

September 20, 2017

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