Aries :

sunflower, sunset, and flowers image makeup, eyeshadow, and orange image book, light, and photography image kylie jenner, makeup, and beauty image cole sprouse, flowers, and yellow image autumn, beautiful, and beauty image
  • u are a very hopful person u love nature and ....and u try ur best to make peace <3


nails, pink, and beauty image aesthetics, beautiful, and bubble gum image flowers, bath, and pink image makeup, beauty, and eyebrows image rose, flowers, and pink image Image by DayDreamerxBelieve
  • you are a very smart person and you love flowers and evryone hurt you because you are very nice but you know how to be strong <3


fashion, style, and black image rose, dark, and flowers image couple, dress, and goals image girl, outfit, and style image black, boy, and converse image Image by Miranda amrildo kodra hoxhaj
  • you are a mysterious person and u don't like to talk too much and u can't trust ppl . but deep inside you are a very good person


beauty, chic, and eyeshadow image eyes, eye, and grunge image accessories, dress, and fashion image dress, green, and long image green, girl, and hair image Image removed
  • you are a friendlly persone u love to be clear and to tell the truth <3


fashion, dress, and style image dress, fashion, and purple image purple, rose, and beautiful image girl, hair, and purple image girl, makeup, and hair image girl, fashion, and dress image
  • you act like a bad girl but you are an amazing girl with pure heart and evryone dreamed to be with you <3


Image by Forever666 fashion, model, and red image grunge, unloveable, and jacket image red, girl, and aesthetic image Image by kristina_chris dress, red, and Prom image
  • you are a pure and beutifull girl you love evryone and u try you'r best to teach ppl and to tell them that they are perfect
  • and know always we all made mistakes but try to learn form your mistakes and i know you will cuz you are a smart girl <3


girl, style, and hair image girl, mountains, and nature image blue, eye, and makeup image Image by butterfly blue, fashion, and hilfiger image beauty, face, and girl image
  • you are a girl that love to travel all around the world and to take selfies with you'r friend and your dream is to swim with daulphines
  • and try your best to be happy and smile even if you are having a bad days cuz it's just a bad day not a bad life bae <3


vaporwave image cat, girl, and beauty image Image by Mariana Nicolle Blondet Cornejo fashion, girl, and style image bedroom, bed, and room image fashion image
  • you are pretty and fit girl you are healthy and u practice sport but if you don't you should because smply it's good thing ( soon i'll write an article to talk about fit ) and you love to enjoy your life <3 so enjoy it baee <3 <3


dress, white, and love image Image by Helena room, bedroom, and bed image bikini, tan, and body image Greece, sea, and travel image aesthetic, be yourself, and girls image

you are a smart girl with talent you love to be around the persons that you love and you are a lovely girl never lose you're smile cuz it's perfect <3 !!!


girl, beauty, and glasses image Image removed makeup, eyebrows, and eye image aesthetic, alternative, and autumn image aesthetic, brown, and paintbrush image fashion, outfit, and style image
  • you are generous girl that love to share and you love coffee and the so you are avery calm girl that try to fix her problems and evryone love if they don't so they are jerks baee <3


hand, aesthetic, and smoke image Image removed aesthetic, neon, and colours image couple, dating, and millionaire image blue, dark, and lights image city, light, and blue image
  • you a perfect girl that love living her life in night and love to enjoy evrything around her and love to try evrything and all the boys and girls love you cuz u are sprcial bae <3


cat, rainbow, and animal image hair, rainbow, and hairstyle image grunge, rainbow, and aesthetic image girl, rainbow, and beauty image flowers, wallpaper, and background image rainbow, blood, and lesbian image
  • you are a little sad girl and they hurt you but belive don't let them ruin you you are an art just take a breath and be strong and you can do evrything and no one could detroy this smile bae <3 !!