I remember the first day I met you. It was crazy and nerve-racking. I walked up to you and started a conversation. I was it who really wanted this because I felt alone and weird. I wanted a friend, someone who got my back. The job seemed perfect for you, as I felt I could trust you.

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I remember how I was always there for you. Whenever people used to pick on you and judge you. Whenever you felt like crying and needed a shoulder to cry on. Whenever you felt like crap and just needed two arms around you. I was there, I really was, but you took it for granted, you did.

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I remember how you had problems you wanted to be solved and I gave you advice I wouldn’t give to anyone, I trusted it into your hands just like a fragile jewel. You took it without hesitation and used it. You wouldn’t know what to do without me, you said. I guess that has changed.

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I brought you inside, introduced you to my friends who all thought of you as weird. However I convinced them you were cool, they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You were accepted but I still could see them treating you differently. I always chose your side, just to realize you never chose mine.

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For the first time however, I thought I had a friend. A real one. I just didn't realize how painful this one would be and that you would be the one to cut the deepest. But it was all me who wanted this in the end.