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  • 20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

I love this question simply because it encouraged me to look back on my childhood and remember great times I had.

1) My First Dance Studio

I vividly remember my first dance studio. It was in an old church on the corner of the street. The dance room was large and had white walls, that awful peeling gray floor (dancers will understand), and mirrors placed all around. It's where I first discovered my love of dance.

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I loved my tutus and leos and tiny ballet slippers. In fact, I can still remember what my very first ballet shoe bag looked like. I had a blast at recitals and practices always held an air of excitement for what we were going to learn next. I have to thank my parents for letting me try dance, even if I later moved onto gymnastics, because I found myself going back to dance several times years later.

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2) Iowa State Fair

Back when I lived in Iowa, my family always made it a priority to go to the state fair. It was one of the best in the U.S! I remember the food quite well. They had everything from monkey tails (chocolate covered bananas), to fried butter and pretty much anything else that you wanted fried and kettle corn. However, their cheese curds were the best! They were melt in your mouth delicious! They were always my pick for a treat.

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Besides the food, there were also great shows. I especially remember the magicians and illusionists. And I can't forget about the giant yellow slide! Each time we went, we would each get one ticket to choose which ride we would want to go on. I always chose the giant yellow slide that you rode down on a rug. I would sit in front of my dad because I was too scared to go by myself.

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When I was very little, probably no older than 5, I had the opportunity to do gymnastics at the Iowa state fair! Of course, being under 5, "gymnastics" was probably more like somersaults and half-formed cartwheels. Nevertheless, I remember it as one of my best childhood memories!

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3) Mexico Cruise

Lastly, right before we moved from Iowa (sadly no more Iowa state fairs for me) my family and grandma went on a cruise to Mexico! Like the Iowa state fair, I remember the food! I know it seems silly but honestly, there were buffets tables from one side of the ship to the other! The boat also had great pools, waterslides, and putt-putt golf.

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I loved the times back in our cabin spent late at night or early in the morning simply gazing out at the ocean. One of my best memories on the boat was staying out really late one night to stand at the very front railing of the ship and watch the water rush by.

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Mexico was a blast! The heat did take some getting used to. However, once we went swimming in the cave spring, it didn't feel so hot anymore. That was a really amazing experience. It was a true cave with stalagmites and stalactites and tiny fish swimming all around. I was not going to let my claustrophobia stop me from that adventure!

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Besides the cave, Mexico had tons of great little shops for souvenirs, beaches, and great food. I am so appreciative to my parents for letting us experience a cruise together.

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**None Of The Images Posted Above Are From My Actual Experiences. I Apologize For Any Confusion.

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