Day 8. Make a list of your favorite destinations.

Hello! today I'm going to write about my favorite destinations and tell you guys a little bit about them, so let's get started!


I love to live in Denmark. When I'm in one of the big cities, let's say Aarhus, I just get so inspired! I get inspired when I look at a beautiful building with a nice detail, or when I'm just are doing some window shopping. Especially at Christmas time with all the beautiful lights.

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Ever since I was a little girl, me and my family have been traveling to Norway, almost every year. I just think that the nature is so beautiful, with all the mountains. It's just so idyllic!

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beach house

Staying in a beach house is one of the best things I know. I always realise that I actually don't need to own that many stuffs, for having a good time. It also always feels like a little get away, where I'm so much better at living in the moment and just relax.

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I will never forget my first trip to Paris. I can literally remember every little step I took. The food, the people, the impacts. It was such an experience!

Image by Mara ️️


Because home is where I'm feeling... well home<3

I hope you enjoyed this article.
See you soon!


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