here i have a list of my favorite books that aren't mainstream. hope you enjoy!

con academy by joe schreiber

this book is about two con artists, will shea and andrea dufresne at a pristine private school placing a bet to manage to get ten thousand dollars from one of the students - whoever gets the money first can stay at the school while the other must leave

into the dangerous world by julie chibbaro

this book is about a girl named ror that is an artist. she was raised on a commune and has never went to an actual school. when ror's dad burns the commune and himself to the ground, ror and her family go to a homeless residence in manhattan. she goes to a real school and meets trey, the leader of noise ink - a graffiti crew. her father wanted her to stick to classical art, noise ink wants her to stay with her and her art teacher wants her to think about college. for finds herself at a crossroad and has to focus on what she wants to do.

reawakened by colleen houck

this book is about a girl named lilliana young that one day wanders into the metropolitan museum of art and finds an egyptian prince with powers whom is name amon. lily and amon go on an adventure to raise his brothers and to stop evil from taking over before the next full moon

the physick book of deliverance dane by katherine howe

connie goodwin, a student studying at harvard university for a degree in american colonial history, gets stuck renovating her grandmother's old house over the summer thanks to her mom. however, when cleaning out the old, worn down house, connie finds a key labeled deliverance dane. this name leads to an investigation that ends up dealing with the salem witch trials.

thats it for now!