So let's start by saying that tomorrow is officially fall and I'm super excited.
So here are the things that I love doing:
➳ drinking hot chocolate, I usually even have it with bisquits if it's afternoon,
➳ reading, I always read but when it's autumn I like it even more 'cause reading under the covers is so cozy and comfy so I usually stay in my bed or on the sofa all day,
➳ drinking hot tea, it's either hot choco or hot tea it depends on my mood, I usually drink mint tea or lemon tea without milk or sugar I just like it like that,
➳ chocolate pudding, I know that it's eaten cold but I like it eating it in autumn and winter for me those two seasons are for chocolate,
➳ taking pictures of the leaves I love their colors and I find them so pretty,
➳ sleeping, I love sleeping with a lot of covers it's so warm and comfy.

I think that's it... Thank you for reading this and sorry if my english is weird but it's not my first language. Hope you liked it~

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