Hi :) First, i want to say that i'm french so sorry for my english aha !

My whole life I've tried to hide myself behind a lot of things. Things like my long hair (yeah i know it's strange), my clothes ...
I was shy, quiet all the time.
But, it's not me. I'm not shy or quiet or calm or even i don't know what.
I have a strong mind, i love laughing and i can hurt you if you try to hurt me.
I'm totally not a small thing like I've always let people think i was. And the truth is, i convinced myself i was like that.
But this year, i realized I'm a strong person, I'm not a weak. And i just have to remember it every time i feel like i can't do something.

You can too. Always repeat in your mind "I'm strong enough. I know I'm strong enough and everything will be okay. I just have to keep going."
And you'll see, you can go trough a lot of thing. Everything. You're strong.

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