Hi Guys!!!
I'm really sorry for not having published all these days, but I have been sick and also had some tests. But now I feel much better and I have found time to write a little.Even so, unfortunately, the article will not be as long as I expected.

I wanted to tell you a little about my workout, for the moment I do not feel like going to a gym and also with the rains is impossible to leave, so I decided to do exercise at home following a routine YouTube and one that I liked a lot , his name is Chloe Ting, at the end of the article I leave the link of the exercise routine I'm practicing.

My diet is still the same as my previous article, although I have started to eat a little more vegetables especially at lunch.

As I said earlier today I can not write much, but I hope soon to recover my free time.



A presto e grazie mille.