Hey hey :)
This is my first article on WHI and it's about how to be more positive and enjoy your life more. I really hope you like it!❤️
(Please excuse my english)


Okay, we all know that music is important but I want you to try to listen to not only the music you usually listen to. Try out different genres, ask your parents about their favorite songs or go through other people's playlists.
Music is not just your favorite kind of music, you should definitely enjoy other music as well and try to see the beauty in it.

Save Memories

Sometimes we forget good memories or situations we felt happy in way too fast.
So what I want to say is, that you should try to never let them go.
You should take as much pictures as you can and print them out!
You should journal and write down the moments you felt so amazing in
and, even though it sounds cheesy, try to take a moment in those situations and really get the feeling of happiness into your heart.

Be kind

Try to set the goal of making two or three (doesn't matter) people happy/smile everyday.
Make someone a compliment about their outfit or ask them if they want a gum as well, it is really that easy to give other people the feeling that you thought about them.
For example: I love baking so sometimes I bring something baked to school and share it with the people in my class.


On Christmas I used to always imagine how amazing it will be when I unpack my christmas present which I wished for so hard, but well, most of the time my expectations were way too high and I ended up crying.

With that I want to say that you should have no expectations on certain moments because things will turn out differently than expected and you automatically get sad while not realizing how happy you could be in this moment.
Just live your life, right now, in this moment and see all the positive sides.

I hope you enjoyed my little guide to a more "happy" life!
Have an amazing day❤️