Gems of the earth, now shall lie forever undiscovered,
For in their ripening – they were buried or plundered,
Or Ignored, denied, destroyed, or forlorn,
Or locked up, forgotten and sympathized no more.

Now, lost, in undocumented history,
All probabilities now an unknown mystery.
All the possibilities – from welfare to artistry to chemistry
All precious alternate realities– now a vast of obscurity.

All wondrous virtues that could have been born,
Poisoned at the root and pricked by the thorn,
Stories never told and pictures never drawn.

Stomping on a burning baby flame –
And accusing it of not shining,
Burying the ores in the mantle –
Saying the rig isn’t worthy of mining.

Billions of dreams die and prospects disappear,
Because society has an agenda and notions to adhere,
Another dead tree in the forest of ruined dreams,
Loss ours – Ignorance ours – Failure ours – society.
Injustice committed by us – and we will never be debt free.
What is the price of a human soul?
All I know is its absence leaves a hole.
I don’t want our land of dreams to be a cemetery.