I was thinking, last night actually, about masculinity and femininity and what they have to do with this thing we call gender-
First I decided that I believe gender is completely made up and not natural at all; which then lead me to question masculinity and femininity. Is it real? Is the idea of masculinity only an idea? Here’s what I came up with:

Masculinity and femininity are completely real. They are things we use to describe things, adjectives almost. Some things are feminine and some are masculine, the problem is in what we do with them

Femininity is something that might be “girly” or “pretty” maybe. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with the words we use to describe objects and even words, but when we attach them to people and force them to comply we go wrong.

The fact that we force people to behave, act and be feminine because they were born with a vagina is ridiculous. The fact that we force people to behave, act and be masculine because they were born with a penis is barbaric.

Telling someone that they must behave a certain way because of their body is strange, honestly. But then some people do identify with that and don’t question it; it’s a shame that that’s the majority really. It’s a shame because the majority builds the norms and subconsciously pushes the minority onto a box they don’t want to be in (That’s why it’s important for the majority to be aware.)

To conclude: yes, a lot of people with vaginas want to be feminine; a lot of people with penis’ want to be masculine; who are you or anyone to tell someone who to be because of their genitals.

Also, I just thought of this, who says what is feminine or masculine anyway? Why can’t a flower be masculine? It goes back to the expectations of people of certain “genders”, which if that doesn’t exist; why can’t a flower be masculine?

Love, Katelyn