Or in other words the wonderful friendship between a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff.

I'm going to list some prove in this article on why they are such great friends. Enjoy!

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1. The first day at Hogwarts

Hufflepuffs are some of the few who won't judge based on negative rumours. This means they're most likely to approach Slytherins, most of the time in an overly happy state (with flowercrowns if possible) which annoys the Slytherin, but once they see how loyal friends those Hufflepuffs are, the unbreakable bond is been made.

2. Very caring and protective

Yes, you heard it right. They just both show it in a different way.

Let me start with the Hufflepuff friend first. The Hufflepuff is compassionate, good-hearted and patient. He or she would do anything to make their friend feel at ease. Not to forget the Hufflepuff is very loyal to their friends, including the Slytherin. The Hufflepuff sees the Slytherin as a normal person who has feelings as well, therefore he or she feels the need to protect them and make sure they're alright.

"Those who are the hardest to love need it the most."
- Hufflepuf to Slytherin

Now lets start with the Slytherin friend. Mess with a Hufflepuff and you'lle find a Slytherin getting revenge for the more forgiving house. The Slytherin see the Hufflepuff as a cute, fragile child who needs to be protected, and he or she is going to make sure that happens. The Slytherin won't allow anyone to bad mouth the Hufflepuff, and if you do, prepare to die. Not to be dramatic or anything...

"I panic because I know what's waiting out there for her. I know what the world can do to someone who only sees beauty in it."
- Slytherin expressing their concern for Hufflepuff

3. Their love is infinite

To prove this, I'll give you some examples.

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The Hufflepuff likes singing along to horrible songs, and the Slytherin just silently puts up with it.

The Hufflepuff always laughs at The Slytherin's sarcastic retorts.

They love staying up late night together and start talking about weird stuff. They can be quite philosophical.

They can sit together in silence without getting bored. They're just so used to each other, sometimes no words are needed.

The Hufflepuff manages to find the emotional side of the Slytherin. The Slytherin manages to find the evil (scary may I add) side of the Hufflepuff. But they love each other even more because of it.

Their friendship is both weird and cute at the same time. They snuggle under blankets to stay warm. They share the longest, most intense hugs, which the Slytherin absolutely loves even though he or she is never going to admit that. They're both amazing at giving well thought out and sincere gifts.

4. They help each other grow

The hard-working nature of the Hufflepuff inspires the Slytherin to work harder to fulfil their ambitions. Hufflepuffs are excellent motivators if the Slytherin ever finds himself or herself struggling.

The Slytherin can help the Hufflepuff focus and give him or her an end goal for all their effort and hard work. Hufflepuffs can get caught up in their job, the Slytherin is their to keep the focus at the purpose.

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5. Their conversations, texts and adventures are FANTASTIC

I'll probably make another article just about that, because it's amazing. Here's one funny example.


Hufflepuff: You're yelling nice things at me again, and it's very confusing.


Thank you for reading!