Hey guys, so music is a very big part in my life so it wasn't a hard decision to write my first article about my favourite songs I have atm.
A lot of my inspiratons come from Shannon Beveridge (Shannon Beveridge on Spotify) so if you like my picks check her out because she has really amazing taste in music!
Let's go!

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I Dare You by The xx
a nice chill song. I love listening to it before going to bed or while doing homework/studying/being creative. One of my all time favorites by The xx

The Hamptons by Transviolet
I love Sarah McTaggart's voice... Transviolets music is really interesting and I've listened to their songs for a while now. This new song is really refreshing and also - in my opinion - quite laid back and good for a nice chill session

watch by Billie Eilish
Billie's style is really unique. Listening to her songs automatically leads me to daydreaming... Her voice is really smooth what i quite like... If you like this one song you should defenitely listen to more tracks by her!

Alone Together (feat. James Vincent McMorrow) by All Tvvins
Honestly, the cover art alone convinced me to download the song. It's really refreshing and I advice you to listen to it before school/work because it gives you a positive vibe so that you can start your day with a light mood.

Burn It Down by Siobhan Sainte
I could listen to this song 24/7. This is Siobhan's first song - at least on Apple Music, correct me if I'm wrong - and it's already one of these songs that get stuck in your head and you could sing and hum it all day long. One line from the song that I reall like is 'If you're an angel I guess I'm a whore' It just got stuck in my head immediately, but just genereally the whole Chorus is so good. I love it

Good Nights (feat. Mascolo) by Whethan
Listening to this song reminds me of good times with friends, having fun with them, experiencing different things with them, stuff like that.

Need You Now by Dean Lewis
I still can't quite decide if I should classifiy this song as a sad song or not. Something about it makes me want to look back on my life and be really melancholic. But the chorus also kind of sounds really hopeful... I guess it's a mixture of melancholy and hopefulness, a really lovely combination!

You Don't Know About Me by Ella Vos
This is a really nice and light song. You just have to sing along! The Remix... yes it's just called "Remix"... is a really good one too! If you like the original version you should defenitely check out the remix too

Fine by Tayler Buono
Very nice song... like reallyyy! This is also one of these songs that you just have to like. Tayler's voice is so unbelievably beautiful! Love it.

Honey by The Brinks
I don't even know what to say to this one. It's simply a masterpiece! I'm currently listening to it a lot because it's just so amazing! I personally feel very light and cool listening to it. Sounds stupid but it's true..

Buy Me Diamonds by Bea Miller
I've never listened to Bea Miller before but I'm really into this song. First of all: The cover art is b e a u t i f u l ! The chorus is amazing and it's just generally a real good song!

1-800-273-8255 (feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid) by Logic
I'm sure you all will have heard that song by now. Preach Logic PREACH. The lyrics are top and I'm so happy that someone finally talks about such an important issue in their song... Thank you Logic for putting out such a beautiful masterpiece

Dusk Till Dawn (feat. Sia) by ZAYN
Let's be honest... Zayn's music is so much better ever since he left 1D (no hate against 1D, some of their songs are really good, duh) His first album was great and stuff but this song is so much better. His and Sia's voices sound so good together and the whole song makes me feel so much. One of my absolute faves atm

Out Loud by Gabbie Hanna
I know Gabbie from youtube. She's a great youtuber and when she announced that she would release a song I was a bit scared because there's a lot of internet stars out there that just want to force out a song - doesn't matter if they can sing -
Anyways, Gabbie's voice is beautiful and the song is so good! I'm defenitely looking forward to more music by her

Hard to Love by Kacy Hill
Beautiful song. Kacy has a really smooth and nice voice, I could imagine falling asleep to that voice only talking! It's just so nice. The song reminds me of sitting in a convertible and looking at the landscape passing by. Obviously this is total bull bc whenever I sit in a convertible my hair is CRAZY and it generall isn't that nice. Let's just imagine it would be like it is in all these Hollywood movies.

most of these songs are rather unpopular in my country/where I live so if you live somewhere where some of these songs are played on the radio 24/7 then i understand that you`ve had your fair share of them and do not want to hear them one more time... I get it, believe me... Anyways, I really hope you like some of the songs and if you'd like more playlists, maybe more specific ones for a mood etc. please feel free to contact me :)
Love xx