Hey y'all,
so recently I was thinking about this new trend which is "writing articles".

Buut, before i start doing this, I'd like to talk about myself a little so you can know me.

Hey.My name is Vi...well, is not my real name, Vittoria is my real name.
Btw, I'm from a little city near Venice in Italy ♡.

In these articles I'm going to write about random stuff that I love (of course) like:

  • music (I'm a teenager... if i don't like music it means that i'm not even "normal")
  • movies
  • "fashion" (no, i'm not going to write stuff like Chiara Ferragni does, i follow my personal style and the stuff i LIKE).

That's all for now.
Tell me what my first argument should be... i got a couple of ideas but 2 minds are better than 1.

see ya around😘