Hi everyone, i wanted to share with you some of my favorite songs to listen to on a rainy day.

● Flatline - Justin Bieber

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how could you pull the plug and leave me flatline?

● Do Re Mi - Blackbear

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If i could go back to the day we met i probably would just stay in bed.

● Heaven in Hiding - Halsey

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don't you see what you're finding? this is heaven in hiding.

● Dead - Madison Beer

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you say you can't live without me so why aren't you dead yet?

● Heartless - The Fray

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somewhere far along this road he lost his soul to a woman so heartless

● Dead to Me - Melanie Martinez

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i'll hand a flower to your mother when i say goodbye cause baby you're dead to me.

● Only You - Zara Larsson

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i can't love nobody like i love myself, only you.

if you like it send me a messagge i may do part two of this :)