Hey! Sorry, this is a bit rushed. Doing this at like 11:43pm...so! Welcome back and thanks for tuning in to reading another article made by, guess who? Me...Enjoy!

Day 5: Write a short story.
written with @kendzrosabell)

Once upon a time, there was a girl.
She wasn't like others.
She viewed the world differently, but that's not what made her different. No, no, what made her different was the fact that she wasn't like the society she lived in. The society that she lived in had high expectations for her. She HAD to be this person and that person and just all sorts of things and they expected of her.
People continuously told her "Be yourself," and "Don't follow the crowd."
But she soon came to realize that, if you be yourself, they would judge you and that was what made her think twice.

Be youself

that's what they said...

I am so sorry, but my cousin and I wrote this together since I literally can't write stories at all and plus, this is a true story based off my cousin that helped me write this.