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Day 6
What is the hardest thing you ever experienced?

i havent experienced really bad things thankfully but i am going to say the baddest which isnt so bad but (sorry for rambling)
i dont live in my actual country so at summer vacations i travel back there but the point is on 2014 we went from the very firrst summer break and stayed there for more than five monthes and had the best days in my life i was really happy, mu uncle got married i was so excitied happy for im and days passed by and sadly we had to leave i was devasted i cryed so hard all the way from the airport to the house. i cryed myself to sleep for more than a month( you cant blame me i am a cancer) but then i understood that things will get better and it did get better day after day and i was waiting for the next summer vacation to go but then mom tod that we couldnt travel this year and i broke down again. week after week things got better we faced time with my family and i was informed we will come next year and we went and i had the bestg day of my life this year and thankful for everything i went throw which is luckily not hard.

Sorry for uplouding this late but because of time zone and school.
so sorry.