percy jackson book
I really wanted to dedicate an article to Percy Jackson because it is one of my favorite series and it's honestly my life. Also i feel like i can't really talk to anyone about it because no one that i know is really a Percy Jackson fanatic, so i thought this would be a really good place to discuss my love for this book series. i think this series is great because before actually reading this series i knew NOTHING about Greek mythology, i literally only knew Zeus and Hercules and i didn't even know what they were known for. But when i started reading Percy Jackson i got sucked in a world where i learnt all about the famous Olympians and Greek myths, and because this book series is kind of written for middle aged kids, you're learning along the way with the main protagonist. The series follows a young boy named Percy Jackson who is a demigod (half human and half god) who finds out that his father is Poseidon, god of the sea and along the way he is sent on quests to save the world. It's amazing and actually gives me LIFE!