Already in Autumn! Already new fashions, new clothes and above all, a new help! If you want this help; read this article!

First of all, the hairstyles or rather, the hair ...The hair bun ! It's soft and pretty, casual and cool :

A fashionable underwear, triangular, lace and with pretty colors :

Now, let's move on to clothing (accessories and shoes last)

The t-shirt, what's more basic than white t-shirts? it's almost that, but just with a touch of ... mark. like for example the t-shirt trasher but I confess that it is a bit outdated now. So I would opt for Stussy, I love this brand, it is not magnificent?

It's not a good picture sorry.

The pants ! I prefer the Mum fit, it's so grungy and cool, I like.

After... the sweater wide preference and autumn colors, I know, what a coincidence! The autumn colors are gray, beige, brown, orange and the green khaki too. Pale of course !

Next ; ACCESSORIES, I like this part ! The watches :

A bag... The Fjällräven Känken !

A tights, I know, it's strange.

Well, we went around I think...

Now............. The shoes ! The best thing on heart !

Two example for this :

- The high converses :

- The low converses :

Cool, it's finish i've not the time at the moment... I'm very no-good in english, excuse-me. (I'm french and I'm just 14 years old)

Thank u for have reading, xoxo