Now I know there are a ton of these articles, but I decided to make my own. This is also my first article so bare with me!

I'm currently a sophomore and I noticed how many freshman were in distraught on their first day because they weren't prepared. I helped many out so I just want to share some tips & ideas.

The following are some things you should do in order to be prepared.

Make outfits

I usually lay out a week worth of outfits the night before or on
Sunday so I can move fast in the morning. Try to find out what the weather is like. It's always convenient to plan ahead!

Check your bag

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You should make a list of supplies and items you'll need. I usually bring two notebooks on the first day since I never find out what I need for that class until the day of. Below are some essentials.

Schedule & Map of School (to find your way around!!)
Phone Charger
2 Pens & 2 pencils (always good to have a backup utensil !)
Notebooks for the class
Money for snacks (School lunch is gross in America!)
Pay attention in class

Yes we've all been there with the boring teachers but it's always good to pay attention. Here are some tips to be a better listener

Don't sit next to friends, they can be distracting.
Actively take notes.
Don't be afraid to ask questions! No matter how dumb you think it may sound - if you're confused ask or help.
Making friends

Highschool would be so boring if you didn't have friends honestly. Here are some do's & don'ts.
- Do try to join sport & clubs, you'll make a lot of friends this way.
- Do try to be friendly and put yourself out there.
- Do be open to meeting a lot of different people
- Don't try to be popular.
- Don't get caught up in the wrong crowd.
- Don't try to act too cool for school or friends. nobody likes a try hard

Extra Tips!!

Try to get enough sleep the night before.
Set your alarms. (Set multiple if it's always hard for you to wake up. This also helps your mind know that you have to wake up soon too!)
Don't skip school. ( As much as you might want to or like to, it will really put you behind)
If your school has a strict dress code (like mine) it's always helpful to bring a sweater or something if you're showing your shoulders or wearing a crop (Admins won't be able to see!)
Always take notes & do your homework.
Last but not least, try to have fun. Go to games, make friends, join clubs. These are your final and most important years. Make the best of it all while being responsible!
I hope you all have an amazing school year! Good luck. xoxo