i want to walk around the city centre holding your hand.
i want to look around the shops and try on clothes and take stupid and cute pics.
i want to eat ice cream with you as we're walking down the street staring at the sea.
i want to listen to music with you and dance stupidly during late hours in the middle of the street.
i want to go to the cinema with you and eat lots of popcorn and just say stupid jokes during the movie.
i want to take you out and pay for dinner and pretend like we're rich.
i want to watch youtube videos with you curled up in our bed, blankets and pillows everywhere.
i want to travel with you, share hotel rooms and lay by the pool sipping on some cold drinks.
i want to be with you. i want to be next to you. i want to feel your skin, your hair, your lips.
but i can't.