Hey guys,
Buffy changed my life 16 years ago from now.
My best friend invited me to watch this Show and my life was never the same again. My closest friends I found through Buffy and finally, I even got to know my husband because it was all connected.
I wish every Generation would watch this wonderful Show, which has so many great characters, its unbelivable.
When weheartit created challenges about music, books and tv, I searched for a Buffy challenge, which doen not exist by now. So I created my own.
I would be sooooo blown away if some other Fans would enjoy it or even create their own :-)

So here it is....

1.) Your fave season

Season 2 and season 6

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2.) Your least fave season

Season 7

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3.) Your fave character

Xander and Willow

alyson hannigan, buffy the vampire slayer, and willow rosenberg image

4.) Most hated character


buffy, caleb, and chosen image

5.) Your fave vilian

Dark Willow

willow image

6.) Spuffy or Bangel

Even though I belive that Spike did love her more, I prefer Bangel, cuz it gave me many more feels. And I dont think Buffy ever loved Spike.

angel, buffy the vampire slayer, and buffy summers image

7.) Your Buffy chrush

Definatly Xander, he is so cute

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8.) Which Charakter do U relate most to?

Willow, she has gone through many changes, so am I

alyson hannigan, buffy the vampire slayer, and willow rosenberg image

9.) Fave couple?

Xander and Cordy

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10: Fave Episode?

There are sooooo many, but I have to go with Inca Mummy Girl and The pack

11.) Least fave Episode?

The Body ...

12.) Saddest Moment?

Joyce lying dead on the Couch

13.) Funniest Moment

Xander makes me laugh all the time, I cant choose one...

14.) Fave fight?

Buffy vs. Faith, I just love fights between them two

buffy, faith, and enemies image

15.) Fave kiss?

Xander and Ampata

16.) Fave creature?

Vampires all he way

17.) Fave song of the Musical

I´ll never tell

dance, cute, and gif image

18.) Fave Moment of the entire Show

Xander saving the world

buffy, sad, and willow image

19.) Most shocking Moment of the Show?

Xander losing his eye

20.) Fave slayer?


faith and buffy the vampire slayer image

21.) Fave potential slayer?

I dont like them at all

22.) Fave teacher?

Mr. Flutie RIP

23.) Fave place in sunnydale

The libary

24.) Tara or Oz?

Both are great, but I prefer Oz a lil bit

90's, btvs, and buffy image

25.) Anya or Cordy?

Cordy, I hate Anya

buffy, charisma carpenter, and cordelia chase image

26.) Vampire or werewolf?


27.) Least fave vilian?


28. Would you like to be a scoobie o a bad guy?

A scoobie of course

29.)Who do U think is the bravest?

Xander, cuz his only superpower is his heart but he would never leave his friends in Need alone

xander and buffy the vampire slayer image

30. Fave Quote

Dawn tellin Xander, his superpower is to SEE things.

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Hope U enjoyed my challenge :-)