Hey there!
Firstly, before reading this grab yourself a cosy blanket and a hot drink. Also, if you could possibly give me a follow it would be very highly appreciated and maybe even checking out my collections!

So, I know we all like to curl up and watch movies on a cold, rainy or even snowy day with a blanket, warm drink with movies and snacks!

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for those cosy, stay in the house and hide away in a blanket days, m bringing you a list of movies you could watch, the best in my opinion movies that you can watch that yo can also binge watch all day!

Here they are!

1. The Notebook
2. Grease (my all time favourite)
3. The Goonies
4. Coraline
5. The Breakfast Club
6. The Lion King
7. Back to the Future
8. Guardians of the Galaxy
9. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
10. Alice in wonderland
11. Fear and loathing Las Vegas
12. Almost Famous
13. Ice Age
14. Jumanji
15. The Addams family
16. the whole harry potter series!
17. Stranger things ( TV show but highly recommended!)
18. Ghostbusters (newer version)
19. Girlboss (Netflix series which is amazing)
20. Toy Story 3
21. The hangover
22. Dumb and Dumber
23. Mean Girls
24. The fault in out stars
25. Boneless
26. Despicable me 1, 2 and 3
27. American Horror Story (All seasons)
28. Bridesmaids
29. Attack the Block
30. Clueless
31. Drive me Crazy
32. Charlie Bartlett
33. Polar Express
34. Home Alone
35. Moana
36. Twighlight
37. Nightmare Before Christmas
38. Halloween town
39. Corpsebride
40. The Grinch

I hope this helped give you some ideas on movies to watch this fall and winter!

until next time, stay lounging!