My biggest dream is to become a musician.I want to play violin,piano and sing for my whole entire life.I want to work with Hans Zimmer,becuase his my favourite composer and create music for movies.But my parents dont encourage me to that.They want me to be a doctor or a pharmacist.And im not happy at all.Every day i wake up knowing that i am not going to live my dream.But recently i decided that i dont care what my family wants me to be.Its my life and my future.I am going to be a musician.And the same thing you should do too.Dont let others control your dreams and your future.Everyone was born and created for reason.Not everyone was born to become a doctor or a lawyer or whatever.Life must be created and beautifull and you should live it just like you want it.Be yourself,create memories,travel all around the world do whatever makes you smile,live your dreams,make your dreams come true without considering family,friends,boyfriends.The thing that your heart tells you its the right thing.You are very strong and capable to do anything so do it.GO LIVE YOUR DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!

(and remeber i believe in you;)<3)

sorry for my bad english:D