fall bucketlist :*

~listen to feel good songs often
~use more cute stickers on snapchat
~look at fall movies like "trolltyg i tomteskogen" (swedish)
~take away all plants in my room and get leafs there instead
~wear hoodies often (like all the time)
~go to a big forest and take beautiful pics
~learn a good song on guitar
~take a risk
~make a wish
~pray for something everyday
~let all comments get u up and get u happy
~read a fallbook
~make a cozy place (anywhere in your house will do, just make it cozy)
~go for a long walk in the woods
~think about happy moments
~smile a lot
~try a new hobbie
~drink a lot of coffe (or chocolat if u prefer that)

favurite songs :^) (they actually dosen't really have something to do with fall)

~"make it to me" by Sam Smith
~"superficial love" by Ruth B
~"boys like you" by Anna Clendening
~"to good at goodbyes" by Sam Smith
~"oasis" by Jasmine Thompson
~"moonlight" by Grace VanderWall
~"attention" by Charlie Puth
~"nattens sista dans" by Mares (swedish)
~"tack för idag" by Albin Johnsen (swedish)

you can find all songs on my spotify accont in the playlist "☺️", my name there is alma.henriksson04

places i want to visit this fall :)

~åkulla bokskogar, sweden
~gran canaria, spain
~öströö fårfarm, sweden
~edingburgh, scotland (probably not going to happen but anyway)
~my friends houses, sweden
~a nature reserve, (probably) sweden

thank you for reading this far, hope you like to read this as much as I liked to write it. have a fantastic fall and I will see you soon!