^Two years later a girl sits in front of her ex-lover. He doesn't say a word and her heart doesn't ache for him anymore.

^I find beauty in what others find pointless.

^ One day you're gonna look back and you're gonna realize there was a girl willing to give up everything she had for you. A girl who loved you so intensely it consumed her.

^ I realized I've done too much for him so I stopped. It's his loss that he cannot see the good in me.

^ I just wanted to live knowing I was happy with or without you.

^A friend once said, ''you never really move on, it just numbs the pain and you get used to it.''

^She was beautiful before you said it. She was happy before you knew her. She has been loved before you told her. She owes you nothing, but she loves you anyway. So stop trying to make her feel lucky to have you.

^I never feel lonely when I'm with you.

I wanted to continue this but I have school blah, so I'll just make a part two, two that's me on the cover sorry for my ugliness.