I think I was wrong again. I know it's just the beginning but I already hate this faculty.
I don't have to take the English exam because I have a FCE certificate, but I attended one lesson just to have an idea. I shouldn't have done it, I got so bored that I checked the time every five minutes! The teacher spoke very slowly, repeated everything two or three times and explained the present simple. I looked forward to going away!
Today, instead, I had Latin class. The professor talked for nearly a hour just to point out the importance of a classical culture but it was a very repetitive speech and not interesting at all. I was really going to fall asleep. "Well" I said to myself "maybe it's just the beginning, it will surely improve". But then I went on the university website and found out that the Latin exam is about NINE books and a big part of it concerns Caesar, who is the only author I didn't study at high school!

And as if that wasn't bad enough, the owner of the nursery school hasn't called me yet and I feel totally useless.
The only positive thing could have been the fact that people who attend my courses are very nice and we share a lot of interests. But there's always anorexia that binds me with her chains. For example, this morning they had breakfast altogether and I had to flee immediately.
Pray for me...