Getting those luscious, beautiful blonde locks looking their best can be a lot of work. If you aren't a natural blonde then getting your hair to the color you want and keeping it there requires time, patience and enough regular maintenance to make any car owner cringe! It's a lot of fun though, and if you know how to care for your blonde hair properly, then it isn't too hard to keep it looking fantastic.
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Tips on Bleaching Your Hair
- Go to a salon! Bleaching your hair is an incredibly intensive and damaging process, not something you should be risking with a box from the supermarket. Let the professionals take care of your hair, and you won't regret it

- Tackle the process slowly, over time, not all at once. Too many try to achieve the color they want on their first visit to the salon. If you go lighter and lighter incrementally over a few visits, then you're less likely to cause irreversible damage to your hair and more likely to get the look you want in a way that's healthier for your hair

- Touch up your roots often. Visit the salon once a month to keep your roots in check - nothing spoils a great hair color more than visible regrowth that's a noticeably different color

- Use purple shampoo to tone brassy hair. If your hair starts to yellow overtime, a blonde shampoo can properly tone your hair and refresh its color. If that doesn't seem to be effective, talk to your stylist about toning and what the best course of action is

Blond hair can easily become dry if not cared properly. And it can further become brittle and fragile with the use of hot styling tools. Therefore, you are advised to give better heat protection during the process. You should never take steps that may damage during styling like applying the hot iron on wet hair. Some people style their hair without completely blow drying in a hurry. That should not happen especially with this hair. It can also easily develop tangles and frizz. So, you should only apply a styling iron after removing the tangles. While brushing, remember not to brush the knots out to avoid breakage. It is very much important to use thermal protective products to protect from heat damages. Never style your this hair with extremely high temperatures. Also, avoid pressing the styling iron tightly. Since this hair also needs to be hydrated, take good care by using moisturizing deep conditioners once a week.

Top Hair Care Tips
- Avoid shampooing your hair as frequently. Shampooing strips the hair of essential oils and, even though it adds its nutrients, it's never as good as the stuff your hair produces naturally.

- Use products for color treated hair. Conditioners and shampoos for color treated hair contain moisturizers and filters designed to protect from UV rays and sun damage that bleached hair is susceptible to

- Use the occasional deep conditioning treatment to maintain your hair's health after bleaching. It'll revitalize the hair and leave it silkier and richer, even after dying

Achieve the color that you want, keep your hair looking fantastic and prevent damage by following a few of these dying and color care tips. Going blonde requires a bit of work, but the payoff is worth it. You'll look great, feel great and enjoy a confidence boost with the color that you've always wanted.