Hi everyone! Sorry for my english, i'm italian!
I have a new format, the first sentence will be in English, the second in Italian.
This way more people can read the article.
Today i'm here with: FALL BUCKET LIST , so let's go!

1 - Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate outdoors
Goditi una tazza di cioccolata calda all'aperto

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2 - Refresh your fall wardrobe
Sistema il tuo guardaroba invernale

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3 - Decorate your room with autumnal decorations
Decora la tua stanza con delle decorazioni autunnali

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4 - Go for a walk on a foggy morning
Vai a fare una passeggiata in una mattina nebbiosa

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5 - Enjoy the fresh autumn air
Goditi l'aria fresca autunnale

6 - Sit by the fire with a good book
Leggi un bel libro davanti al camino

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7 - Watch a movie under the duvet
Guarda un film sotto il piumone

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8 - Cook an apple pie
Cucina una torta di mele

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9 - Prepare jams
Prepara marmellate e confetture

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10 - Place and light candles for the room
Posiziona e accendi candele per la stanza

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11 - Have a warm bath
Fai un bagno caldo

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12 - Eat the chestnuts
Mangia le caldarroste

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13 - Get ready for Halloween
Preparati ad halloween

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14 - Cook a plate with pumpkin
Cucina un piatto con la zucca

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15 - Change your daily routine
Cambia la tua routine giornaliera

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Ok girlz, I hope my article has liked you, let me know!
See you soon!

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