So the weather is already pretty cold that means......IT'S OFFICIALLY FALL!!!

I don't know what do you guys think but I'm SO obsessed with everything about autumn. I love the weather, the falling orange leaves, the hot drinks and for sure the pumpkins.

I always have lots of ideas of what to do and I thought it would be cool if I would make a bucketlist of things. Sadly where I live, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween but I'd love to buy decoration.

1.Buy fall decoration.
2.Drink Pumpkin Spice Latte.
3.Buy cozy socks.
4.Buy cute sweathers.
5.Get a cute lil' pumpkin.
6.Make pumpkin soup.
7.Eat apple pie.
8.Buy fall candles.
9.Drink LOTS of tea.
10.Make special hot chocolates.
11.Make fall playlist.
12.Read books.
13.Bake cookies.
14.Make apple cider.
15.Watch some horror.
16.Do a fall photo shoot.
17.Buy a new scarf.
18.Press leaves.
19.Print photos.
20.Buy a black leather jacket.

I hope you found things you wanna do too.🖤👩🏻