Hi there!

Autumn/Fall is finally here, and I can't wait to share these perfect songs.

I personal LOVE to read while listening to this playlist, with a cup of tea and a cuddly-blanket.
These songs are calm, cuddly and pure poetry (and also really nice if you can't sleep)!

book, read, and reading image
  • Firelight - Young and the Giant
  • Sleeping lotus - Joep Beving
  • Arrival of the birds - London Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Lovesong - Adele
autumn and fall image
  • Heart of life - John Mayer
  • Bloom - The Paper Kites
  • Fly (Acoustic) - Medowlark
  • Atlas hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

These are just a few from my faves!
Soon I'll be posting more autumn playlists, with different theme's.
Would you like a specific one? Let me know!

x Love,

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