I found a bunch of other songs I've been wanting to share with you lovely Heartists. This time instead of saying what I liked about the songs, I'm gonna take a few good comments from the videos to help explain the beauty of them. Sometimes random strangers can word things a ton better than myself, so I hope you enjoy!

1. Rick Bridges - 태워

Genre: Rap

"Rick bridges is my religion" - ditalini gang
"my jaw fucking dropped within those first couple seconds, this is dope. :")" -Syndin
"does this song have an indian -y background music to it or is it just me ?" - xxskiesandairxx

2. iKON - Just Go (Korean ver.)

Genre: K-Pop

"ELF here. This song is so amazingly beautiful. It really touches me." - juicysparkles
"This song is so underrated" - JJSJSJS JSJSJJS
"Thought myself to be an ikonic.. but HOW.. HOW?!?! is that I didn't know the existence of this song?!?!!?! They should have promoted this song.. it shows the unique color of ikon... I think a lot of people who are not fans would like this song." - pinknoodlesandwichaileean

3. Villain - With Me

Genre: K-Pop(?)

"this song has so much meaning wth im sobbin" - peachy lai
"im having so much feels right now. this is so good" - sun-rise
"I heard his song just once but its amazing" - Lee Shaina


Genre: K-Pop

"This is one of the most under appreciated kpop groups like fml , the guy saying ' oh god ' got me saying OMGT" - why Park Chanyeol when you can ride him

(Seriously same about the "oh god" thing ^^)

"Where the fuk was I when this was released?? This is a jam!" - DrueC
"I understand why my P.E teacher is into them." - Jeusang

5. s o m e r - Know

Genre: RnB

This song is so underrated that there is hardly any comments on any of the videos I could find. It deserves some love, seriously. It's very chill and the chorus is so relaxing. Please check it out!

6. BEVY MACO - Your Way

Genre: RnB

"If heaven doesn't sound like this, I'd rather keep living my crappy everyday life with the only joy of coming home at night and listen to this" - Einzbern None
"two words: hauntingly beautiful" - bubbletaeandkookies
"The best and most calming voice i've ever heard" - Noodles andBunnies


Genre: K-Pop

"i don't even know what the song means...but it makes me sad by just listening to this song..." - Roselyn Ranin
"me: Regretting so hard for not paying attention to talent all these years" - Emily Vera
"this song is mad underrated. I don't get it why ppl can sleep on such a good song like this. and this song is my favorite song from ikon alsjsjsk ppl are blind" - min yoongi

8. Urban Zakapa - I Don't Love You

Genre: ? (Sadly Beautiful)

"If someone I loved sang this to me, I think my heart would shatter into pieces." - Elizabeth Edwin
"To write a song about not loving someone in such a sad melody, to let the other party down in a soothing way, to ease the pain in the most delicate way." - fAshSon
"The fact that they captured the message of "I don't love you, and there's no reason". Sometimes even if an answer or an explanation is demanded, it's nice to hear that it's okay to not have one." - Jamie Lau

9. HISTORY - Queen

Genre: K-Pop

"First note had me like hELLo IVe ENTered ThE FAndOm" - matrixamvs
"i came here after hearing the news about their disbandment :( they truly deserved better their company didn't support them half as much as they should've done" - katerina ath
"even tho they have disbanded, i will never stop listening to them #ThankYouHistory" - Tamara

10. KNK - Knock

Genre: K-Pop

"Honestly just listened to this over 10 times in a row. The chorus is perfection! Its like old school boy band vibe. I really love KNK. & Heejun is my first maknae bias. He's too adorable on their V-lives." - Monbebe x Carat
"Theres just something about the chorus and the way they dance in it that I just love so much" - moyo jook
"Me: not my type chorus starts Me: okay I am ready to join the fandom" - okyoungjae

11. B.O - Surfing

Genre: RnB

".....I honestly feel so blessed" - Keiana Frood
"holy shit this is gold" - kookie nb
"This song is absolutely amazing, I couldn't help but stop in my tracks. His voice locked me in as if I was trapped in a cage against my will, unable to escape until the song fully finished and did it's justice 💕" - iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams

Lmao okay, so it's 1:40 AM in the morning and I've realized that there is 11 songs instead of 10. At this point, I couldn't care less about sharing an extra song so this is my early Christmas gift to you I guess. Have fun vibing out while I go temporarily die.