What makes you happy?

Message me one of the things that makes you happy in one sentence. I'll copy and paste all your things in this article, check the list below to see what makes us happy! Is your happiness already there?

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What makes us happy is...

  • ... finding new good music, kind people, success and mostly texting with my (internet) best friend Nour. We met more than a year ago here on WHI and we've gotten such good friends! We text and laugh everyday together even though we live on different continents. I love her so much. @MyYouthIsYours
  • ... spending time with the people I love @9andy
  • ... playing with puppies! @lisaroseanna
  • ... watching the stars on summer nights @induja
  • ... finding new music and it's like you're emotions all turn into a song @millymooboo1234
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Puppies and music
  • ... campfires @sunshinegirl20
  • ... After all I've tried to become happy, God is the only One who can make me happy. @ezjuh
  • ... when I see or read or listen someone/thing, that makes me feel like I am in my own beautiful eternal dream :-) @Iliorn
  • ... when I think about how comfortable I’ve become like in my own skin and being myself and not really caring what others think of me... @wanderlustbooks
  • ... when I am with my friends and when I meet new people @ljubav_8
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Campfires and friends
  • ... the pictures on WHI @NeleNimis
  • ... as an INFP finding out what an artist wanted to convey in their piece of art and when I discover how artists play with their instruments (words, notes, colours, lines) to stir some feelings. @madelinechessandy
  • ... being aware that I have the opportunity to live/ to exist and to do something with it. @luceare
  • ... the people around me, my friend, family and Instagram friends. They all make me feel amazing and bring out the best out of me. @dontbeme
  • ... experiencing that burning sensation of feeling truly alive. Nothing beats that feeling <3 @casuallyprofoundgalaxy
  • ... making new friends and discovering new things. @Spotlight_
  • ... the beauty of our Solar System @jacomine
  • ...
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