Would you love to do more creative or artsy things, but don't know where to start? Don't worry! Your middle name does not have to be Picasso or Bach to become an artist. Here are some inspiring forms of art for beginners that you will love to try!

The first one up is Handlettering. Unconsciously, we all write a lot, whether it is for school, work or the groceries. Handlettering is basically making the prettiest words, using all types of letters and various sizes, widths and styles. The only thing you need is a fineliner! There are tons of YouTube videos that explain handlettering step by step and there are many workbooks available for you to buy, where you can exercise the letters very precisely. Once you know a bit how to handletter, your notes (and your whole life) will become so pretty! Nothing is more satisfying and makes you more productive than pretty notes!

The second one is doodling. We probably all already do this, but once you start paying attention to what exactly you are making, you will become better and better. Search the internet for inspiration! Slowly, you will develop your own style of doodling and specialize in certain subjects.

A technique that combines hand lettering and doodling with something new is watercolouring. It is very low-profile and budget proof, since the only things you need are a watercolouring set, some pencils, and of course, water. The key is using plenty of water! Combine watercolouring with doodling and hand lettering for an awesome result.

Next up, bullet journaling. I know it is originally meant to be a mixture between a diary, to-do list and planner, and that is the most appealing part of it, because you can keep everything together in one notebook. However, many people have made their own personalized artworks from their bullet journal, and you can, too. Find out what type of lay-out and theme you like best. Just decide how many time you want to spend on it and see how it turns out.

For those of us who aren’t really that into painting, drawing and writing, try to learn how to play an instrument. How cool is it to be able to play your favourite song? Use tutorials or sheet music and practice a lot! My personal favourite is the piano, because I love the sound of it. Plus, you can impress everyone if you start playing piano on a train station or airport.

The last one is something all of us love: good food. Take your cooking to the next level by making it look and taste amazing. Make sandwiches, pies or drinks an decorate them fabulously. Your favourite dish or drink will now taste even better!

I really hope you all enjoyed this, as this was my first ever article and blogpost. Stay tuned for more articles and pictures :) Thanks for reading!