Leaves in the colors of the harvest season twirling and dancing their way to the ground, steaming apple cider with aromas capturing the essence of the fall season, not to mention pumpkin spice everything (which you cannot deny is pretty amazing), what could you possibly not love or at least like about fall?

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Now first things first, The absolute best thing in the world is being able to sit down on your porch or lawn in the chilly morning air and have a delicious cup of apple cider or coffee (extra seasonal bonus if the cup is autumn themed). This is just a feeling nothing else could ever replace, literally nothing can which is why it is pretty special.

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Some of my most favorite memories occurred during the fall season, my childhood memories of autumn are especially wonderful. My family still continues fall traditions to this day, which is very enjoyable and we enjoy the season as if time has not passed. I feel incredibly lucky to have these memories captured from years ago along with having the chance to create new ones. These are the memories I will feel lucky to have throughout my whole life.

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Every year, my family goes to a lovely little pumpkin patch quite a ways away from us. I always get an extreme feeling of happiness whenever we go there, it is something which I look forward to every year. Around that patch, they have nice little booths set up along with performers so it makes the experience even more special. To some people this is seen as not very pleasant, but I have never seen it in a negative light. I always buy delicious homemade apple cider, made right on the farm and the taste is something which I cannot describe, you would have to try it for yourself to understand exactly what I mean. I love walking around, and taking the time to find the perfect pumpkin (I found such a cool ghost pumpkin before). Picking Indian corn in these adorable bags and apples is always so exciting. No matter what age you are, you can have such an amazing time here.

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Something amazing about this farm is, down the road there are many different little farms and country stores which you can stop at and check out. I have actually never had the chance to visit the very small ones, but my plan one day is to try and visit each and every farm possible. Some of these little stores are barns and converted into places you can eat at, and let me tell you the food they serve is remarkably tasty! No chain restaurant or fast food restaurant can replicate how good the food tastes at these little country stores. And besides the great food they serve, while your eating you can just look around and feel so carefree and happy.

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The country side in fall is so wonderful and there is nothing quite like it, it is beautiful seeing everything the country has to offer during fall. Living in the city, I do see elements of fall, but not as many as I would see in the country. I love visiting this stunning park where there are beautiful old houses built between the 1700's to 1900's lining the road right alongside the park. For all you fall lovers out there, picture this, some houses have oil lamps and ivy covering them, in the middle of the streets there is a grass area, covered by blankets of leaves in all the different colors bright orange, dark orange, red, etc. When you look overhead, you see a blanket of fall colors and feel the crisp, refreshing air. Close by, there are ponds with trees lining them, you can see and smell fall all around you. It is truly stunning!

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One of my favorite things to see is when I go shopping, seeing the fall cake and cookie mixes, I always literally want to buy every fall baking item I see. And when stores decorate for fall, it is even better and makes shopping at that store so amazing. Occasionally I shop at little local stores. And a couple I frequent, they decorate with cute faux leaves and garlands and banners and it is just so fun. At craft stores they also decorate to the max with fall decorations and seeing everything they set up is so amazing. I actually saw pumpkin spice pine cones this year at a craft store, and I am very determined to buy them when I can. I usually only see Christmas ones sold, so that was so cool. I am into fall decorating big time.

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Some of my most favorite fall foods are homemade apple turnovers with apple cider, and the apple cider is also homemade. These are such great fall breakfast items to try out, my family started making them when I was young and I loved them than and still love them now. A delicious fall breakfast on a cool fall day is great, it gets you ready for the day and it is super tasty! Homemade fall food is just amazing. I remember trying apple cider cupcakes from a store bought mix before, even though these were not homemade they were scrumptious. They tasted exactly like apple cider.

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I have cats and the most adorable thing ever is seeing them try and navigate their way through huge piles of leaves. One year I was trying to rake and my one cat totally fell right in a huge pile and I had to help him out, but honestly it was super funny. Seeing pets run around outside in fall is so amazing, especially dogs they really enjoy it. When I visit the one park, I always see dogs with their owners and they look like they are having a great time. Animals enjoy the simple things in life, which is great.

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Every year, my family enjoys decorating for fall with little stuff and we especially enjoy creating cool fall centerpieces at the dining room table, that is always so fun. We get something new every year to add also, like maybe new candles or a cute candle holder. Pier one has some super cool and cute fall decorations, I love seeing the new selection they have every year. Pier one also has super cute fall pillows, some have these gorgeous beads on them and I love them. If you love decorating, you know it never gets boring!

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So go and enjoy fall! Because after all, fall is amazing and everything about it is lovely. Decorate to your hearts content, go on walks through the leaves with your loved one or even with your dog. Buy all the fall candles you want, eat all the fall food you desire and have an awesome autumn!