Hi everyone, this is Alice, just another anonymous person on the internet.
But that is going to change right now.
I've been on this platform for a long time if I come to think of it, and I haven't made a single friend, even though I wanted to. This is kind of my cry for help. Read this article, get to know me and if you think I am an interesting or I just seem nice please talk to me. Even if it's just so we can fangirl about Harry Potter or Game of thrones. I don't care, I just think it's time for me to talk to some people around here. That said, let's begin.

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I am Alice, just Alice for now. I am a sixteen year old girl who was born in Barcelona, but right now I am living in Dallas. I know how to speak spanish, catalan and english (so you can talk to me in what you feel most comfortable with).
As you can see for the image that I put I love Wes Anderson, the wish I make every night at 11:11 is that someday my life will be directed by him. I also love to read and write, recently I discovered my love for poetry but I'm not really good at writing it yet.
I think that you can know a lot about someone just by asking them their favourite book, so here goes my list (I can't just pick one):

·The little prince -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
·El mundo azul - Albert Espinosa
·Harry Potter- J.K.Rowling

Now a brief list of things I love and things I hate:

·I LOVE raspberries
·I HATE the word "fine"
·I LOVE good youtube content...
·I HATE dishonesty
·I LOVE rising up for equality
·I HATE cruelty
·I LOVE vanilla black tea
·I HATE what we are doing to our planet
·I LOVE how people rise up for their rights
·I LOVE ice-cream in a summer day
·I LOVE waking up slowly on a Sunday morning
·I LOVE September sunsets
·I LOVE the way people hug on airports
·I LOVE how we can make anyone smile so easily
·I LOVE asking the WHY of things
·I LOVE looking at the stars
·I LOVE getting lost in a new city
·I LOVE dancing around my room when I know nobody is looking
·I LOVE opening all the windows and letting the house breathe with me
·I LOVE the feel of sand in my toes when I am at the beach
·I LOVE to listen to the hum of the ocean
·I LOVE life

Okay, I think I got a little excited back there. Things about me, let's see... I always sneeze twice, I don't know why but I do. I love arguing but I hardly get mad. I am really shy but an open book at the same time. I am an ENTP in the myers briggs personality test and some of my favourite youtubers are Dodie, Lucy Moon and HiImMimi. I know this is totally random but I hardly care.

I would like to create a youtube channel some day but I am not sure yet. I love travelling and meeting new people. I always spend 5 minutes in the morning trying to find matching socks and I will never go to sleep when I am supposed to.

I love Urban Outfitters aesthetic and 90's movies, I'd like to become a vegetarian but I don't know a lot about it yet (if someone wants to explain the basics and some reasons why is good I will thank him/her a lot).
I am a Gryffindor (the Pottermore Test told me, I am not just saying, in case someone was wondering). I like this Spanish group called "lágrimas de sangre" their lyrics are just amazing, and I also fancy Jack Johnson, you should listen to him.
I don't have a motto but something that I always am saying is: "I will respect your opinion as long as your opinion doesn't disrespect someone else" I read it here on WHI and it's just so true.

I think that is everything about me, at least what I wanted to say. You see I am not special, I don't have a great backstory and I am not destined to be someone important.
I am just a normal girl living a normal life.
But you know... I think that's just enough.