Do you know what you do to me
What your doing to me
Why do you ignore me
Ignore how i feel
I tell in so many ways but you don't see
I tried to be open
Placing my feelings in your hands
But you don't seem to understand
So I try subtle
Hoping that you notice
But it's as if your a novice
Do you not feel my hands
Feel my glance
Feel my stares
See my glares
Hear my hearts tears
Waiting for acceptance
Waiting for rejection
You've left me to hang in the middle
While you sit there and twiddle
your thumbs
Do you not know what u do
What your doing
Leaving a girl in the open
How rude
How crude of you
Thinking only of your feelings
And not seeing
That you've already started to ruin it
Whatever it is
You have the information
What will be your copilation
if (like = 'yes') then
Writeln ('run');
Or rather stall
As log as possible
As long as it takes
Cause maybe then it will go away
That's not it
Cause the longer you wait
Is the more I feel
The more I fall
The more I hate this all
Why can't you just say it
Say anything
Any inkling of how you feel
Cause the reality of this