I'm not good at writing and much less at expressing myself. However, I've decided to write this on the spur of the moment... not much so others read it but more as a little reminder to myself whenever I come across this. I recently spoke with someone and I mentioned to them that I love my little stretch marks and they just looked at me puzzled, as if i really shouldn't be saying something like that and it got me thinking... why is this such a taboo? Why should I not love the way my body was created?? Stretch marks and cellulite and dark circles can be genetically inherited... if someone in your close family has them there's a chance you will have it too... I know plenty of "naturally skinny" people with cellulite and stretch marks.

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So why should I hate mine? I mean I obviously have no control over them and there aren't any ways to get rid of them so what? Am I supposed to spend the rest of my life dwelling on how much I dislike them? No... I will love my dark circles because they remind me of space and I will love my stretch marks because they make me think of lightning bolts (and I happen to LOVE lightning and thunder so it's like I'm carrying a piece of nature wherever I go with me). And I'm going to continue to love them because I CAN and it is OKAY to do so no matter what others think. Because in the end, the only opinion that should matter to me is... well... my own.

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