Whether you like writing short stories, articles, novels, poems or quotes, I believe writing in any form is crucial.
When I think -or try to think- of the reason I write, I honestly can not come to one clear reason. Writing deliberates me and helps me get my feelings out. I can't say half of the things I write out loud. And I'm guessing most of the people who write are also like me.
If you look up "writing" on the internet, you can find "the activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text." But isn't writing about more than just words on paper? And "coherent" words? I'm sorry to be the one telling you this but when I write, I sometimes make sure my words aren't really coherent. Because writing is more than "coherent words on paper", writing is an art and art can be incoherent if the artist wants it to be. Art is art no matter what. And even though some people say they don't like art, they do, just without realizing it. Because art is present everywhere around you. If you look with your heart instead of your eyes you can pretty much find art everywhere. Because for me, art is something that gets to me, to my heart. Art is something that makes me feel something whether it's joy, sadness or wonder. It makes me feel something. And writing is an art so it makes me feel the same (so does reading).
The thing is, when I write, I forget about the rest of the world and feel like I am actually not that small in the universe we are in. I feel like I am being heard (or read). But most of all, I feel like I have an impact on the world. And that is the only time when I actually feel powerful.