We had a fight today. I told you that I hated you and I wish we never made love the way that we did. I told you to leave me alone because I can't handle you anymore. You told me that I wanted too much attention and I'm too hard to love. Your face is red and my eyes are watery what a great combination. I walk myself home. I have no hand to hold because the hand that I now want to hold is the same hand I pushed away. I keep telling myself that I don't need you but each time I say that my tongue burns as If it knows I'm lying. I promised not to hurt you but the moment you sat across from me and cried is the moment I knew I should stop making promises. I walk myself home. I regret everything I said and I'm ready to turn back around but I know you won't be there waiting. We hurt each other. I want to text you but dammit I know you're tired of me doing this, I cry while walking home but not for the first time. This time my tears are hotter, my face is redder and I struggle to breathe, suddenly this isn't about only you this is about everything. I cry about everything and I'm almost home. I stop crying and wipe my tears away too afraid to check my phone because I know it's you breaking up with me, I just know it. I get upstairs and I look directly at my phone with hesitation. It's going off and I start to panic, maybe it's you and your hurt. ''I miss you'', ''I'm sorry'',''I love you, forever''. I smile at my phone with ease and let the cycle continue.