well this is just gonna be a introduction of myself.

- my name is Ta'shiya
- I have three brothers and I am the only girl and the oldest
- im mixed with black and Korean
im a Capricorn ( January 10th 2004)
- I like pink, blue, and yellow colors but I have a wide variety of color choices.
- I'm in the 8th grade

music <3
-I like different types of music (well im not really into rap and stuff) but im into indie music, pop, and others.
- my favorite artists or songs are/by the rolling stones, foster the parents, Ariana grande, harry styles, marina and the diamonds, and etc.

stan list? lmao
-Ariana grande
-harry styles
-camila cabello
-marina and the diamonds
-dua lipa
-Christian delegrosso
-liza Koshy
-dove Cameron
and a whole lot more :)

-I like art and really aesthetic things
-I'm a lefty
-I want to do youtube one day
-my style is all over the place
-my mood switches up fastttttt
-my favorite animals are pandas and arctic foxes <3
-I really like vintage things (as in tv shows, music, fashion, etc.)
okie that's all <3