gif and married with children image
Married With Children
5th April 1987
al, couple, and Devil image
tv and roseanne image
18th October 1988
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The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
10th September 1990
will smith, prince of bel air, and carlton dance image
70s image
That 70s Show
17th May 1998
pizza, quote, and rock and roll image grunge, hungry, and series image
Malcolm, malcolm in the middle, and family image
Malcolm In The Middle
9th February 2000
funny and lol image
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Gilmore Girls
5th October 2000
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childhood, funny, and show image
8 Simple Rules - For Dating My Teenage Daughter
17th September 2002
childhood, dad, and daughter image
mythbusters image
23rd January 2003
is that really jamie? image
mythbusters image mythbusters, kari byron, and myth busters image
Image by daisymartinez914
Drake And Josh
11th January 2004
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funny image
Ned's Declassified
12th September 2004
cookie and ned's declassified image childhood, face, and funny image
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Man VS Wild
11th November 2006
dirt, sleep, and wild image man vs wild image
the big bang theory image
The Big Bang Theory
24th September 2007
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the vampire diaries, tvd, and Nina Dobrev image
The Vampire Diaries
10th September 2009
bad day, couple, and cw image
misfits, series, and iwan rheon image
12th November 2009
label, gay, and straight image
drunk, vodka, and misfits image alisha, angry, and beautiful image
Walker, the walking dead, and negan image
The Walking Dead
31st October 2010
the walking dead, glenn, and twd image the walking dead and twd image
game of thrones and got image
Game Of Thrones
17th April 2011
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Abusive image Abusive image
The Originals, phoebe tonkin, and daniel gillies image
The Originals
3rd October 2013
The Originals, klaus, and elijah image
love, The Originals, and quote image b&w, heartbreak, and Originals image
stranger things, theme, and series image
Stranger Things
15th July 2016
awesome, car, and eleven image
80s, quote, and saying image Image removed