All the sexists
Boys Will Be Boys - by Stella Donnelly

"Why was she all alone
Wearing her shirt that low
They said, "Boys will be boys"
Deaf to the word no"

A broke up
You Loved Me, You Killed Me - by Odina

"I loved mysteries, until you became one
Truth be told I don’t know if we were just for fun"

When you will start a new relationship
How To Be A Heartbreaker - by Marina And The Diamonds

"Rule number one is that you gotta have fun
But baby when you're done
You gotta be the first to run"

Feel the best
I Am The Best - by 2NE1

"Whoever looks at me can see I’m kind of a killer alright
This body is second to no one alright
You’re following behind me but
I’m only running forward"

Fuck all the haters
Cypher 4 - by BTS

"You should change your bashing pattern, bae
It’ll start to get boring, bae
I love I love I love myself
I love I love I love myself
I know I know I know myself
Ya playa haters you should love yourself brr"

Revenge in the badass mode
Amen - by Damiano

"Even though you took everything with greed, I trusted you
Even when I was being played like a fool
I learned a lot because of you, I’ll let you know"

When you feel alone in your sadness
Help - by 10cm

"I don’t want to talk about my complicated problems
But I’m so tired
Wouldn’t there be a world
Where all the people who like to torture me disappear?"

Reminds me of myself
ODD - by Hey Violet!

"I'm a little O.D.D
Most people really don't get me
I'm the girl in the back of the class
Blank stare, don't care, don't ask"

Reminds me of myself pt. 2
Just One Girl - by Sakura Fujiwara

"Just one girl with my eyes closed
Which way to go I don't know
Maybe someday I'll find my way out of here"

All the girls
Ugly - by Nicole Dollanganger

"Anything that is beautiful
People want to break
And you are beautiful
I'm afraid"